About Us

IRON LABEL Activewear was founded on the belief that everyone has the potential for greatness, and that strength comes not only from physical power, but also from a resilient mindset. The name "Iron Label" was chosen as a symbol of this strength, as iron is one of the strongest and most durable metals in the world. The only thing that can destroy it is its own rust, just like a person can only be destroyed by its own mindset. 

But how did we come to associate our brand with this symbol of strength?

Our brand name IRON LABEL was born out of the ashes of adversity, just like iron is forged by fire. It all started with our athletes that are part of our brand who faced many challenges on their path to success. They struggled with injuries and setbacks, but they never gave up. Instead, they used their struggles to fuel their passion for fitness and sports. Through hard work and determination, they eventually achieved their goals and became successful athletes.

It was during this journey that we learned the true meaning of strength. We realized that strength was not just about athletic abilities, but also overcoming obstacles and pushing through adversity. We learned that strength came from within, from a mindset of resilience and determination within ourselves.

And so, we came up with creating our own activewear brand and we wanted to embody this idea of strength. We chose the name Iron Label to represent the toughness and durability of iron, and to inspire others to find their own strength within.

The phrase "Forged by Fire" is also an important part of our brand. It represents the idea that strength is not just given, but earned through challenges and struggles. Iron is forged in fire, just as we are forged by the challenges we face in life. It is through these challenges that we grow stronger and become the best versions of ourselves.

On top of the meaning of our brand that represents these values, we are proud to offer affordable high-quality activewear with the influence of streetwear. A clothing that empowers our customers to reach their full potential, tailored into their identity.